03 September, 2016

Vishnu’s Yantra and questions regarding Shree Yantra

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Please read this article first (click on the link)

In this article there is a mention of the Bhairav Yantra hidden near the idol at the Badrinath temple. (the yantra in the Badrinath temple is kept horizontally beneath the main idol)
The design of this yantra is also painted at the right hand side when you enter the temple, in the photo below you can see the design of this yantra in the right hand photo frame kept in the room  where the head priest (Ravalji) meets visitors.

At Badrinath they call this yantra Bhairavi, I do not understand why? Since Bhairavi is a feminine yantra only a triangle the six sided yantra should be called Bhairav yantra

Bhairav yantra is Vishnu’s Yantra it is associated with the God of Protection and Preservation.

It is the Seal of Solomon and not the Star of David

The Star of David (on the Left) and the Seal of Solomon (on the Right)


The Star of David has only 2-Dimensional overlapping or intersecting triangles, while the Seal of Solomon always has 3-Dimensional interwoven or interlaced triangles.

Below are photos of some ancient Bhairav Yantra’s known as seal of Solomon to others

A Jewish Seal of Solomon with interwoven triangles carved upon a building stone recovered from a Jewish Synagogue which dates anywhere from 200 to 400 A.D.

A Christian Seal of Solomon with interwoven triangles etched in marble from a Byzantine Christian Church (400-630 A.D.) uncovered at Khirbet Sufa, located in the northern Negev Desert of modern Israel.

Keep this yantra or at least a picture of this Yantra near the Vishnu idol at you place of worship; it has the power to generate tremendous power.

Now coming to Shree Yantra People frequently ask me the following questions which I have tried to answer based on my current understanding

Please read this article first (click on the link)

In the above article on Shree yantra it is already mentioned in what direction to place the yantra if placed horizontally

Direction to place the Shree Yantra if placed vertically

The vertically placed Shree yantra’s are mostly found in temples in south India.

After I started to draw the yantra I realized that there are different types of Shree Yantras meaning that, while their basic design is the same their ratios differ

The basic design is 9 big triangles inside a circle, 4 pointing up and 5 pointing down their intersection results in 43 small triangles of various dimensions, 6 triangles touch the circle, the one innermost triangle has a bindu (dot) and faces downward, the second set there are 8 triangles, 10 each in the 3rd and 4th set and the outermost set has 14 triangles, all triangles touch each other. Outside the circle are 8 petals surrounded by another 16 petals, after those 3 circles and 3 line formations with 4 gates. All these shapes have an intricate geometric pattern / connection

The above design applies to the 2 dimensional as well as 3 dimensional Meru yantra

But Shree yantras have different ratios; the size of the 43 small triangles differs from yantra to yantra, also the angle they form at the centre differs.

Below are 2 yantras one is the 2500 year old yantra presented by Adi shankaracharya to the Chidabaram temple, the second is also a very old yantra belonging to the Sringeri math. One can clearly see that their size of 43 triangles differs.

Shree yantra at Chidabaram temple

Shree yantra at Shengeri math

The 5 sacred temples of Shiva (Pancha Bhoota Stalam) each representing the manifestation of the five prime elements Earth, Water, Air, Ether, Fire.(what is most interesting that these ancient temples were built precisely on the Earth’s magnetic equator which passed through south India at that time). The different types of Shree Yantras relate to different cosmic forces.

So they are placed in different direction like the Yantra at Chidabaram faces South and the one at Salem is in the eastern direction

Some times when I have changed the direction of yantras at home I have experienced certain difficulties, it may be a coincidence also, but in the current dark age people are far away from the sacred knowledge that was known to men of wisdom.

There are many versions of the 3 dimensional shree yantra (Meru Yantra) which is the correct one

There is a Meru Shree Yantra at the Arunachala ashram of Sri Ramana Maharshi, he himself gave the design and supervised the making of this 3 dimensional yantra,he used to keep his hands on the top of this yantra as if to energise it

I quote directly from the journal of the ashram

“IN the sanctum sanctorum of the Mathrubhuteswara Temple at Sri Ramanasramam, established by Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi, in a small niche in the western wall stands an object of worship two feet square and proportionately high cut out of a single piece of granite and resting on a base of gold plate on which is etched a particular symbolical geometric figure. This object has been worshipped ever since its installation by Sri Bhagavan in 1949, the year before he laid down the body. In technical terminology it is a Sri Chakra Meru standing on a Sri Chakra Bhuprasthara yantra.”

“Bhagavan took a personal interest in the cutting of the Sri Chakra Meru of granite which was installed in the temple and is regularly worshipped. At the time of the Kumbhabishekam or consecration, on the penultimate night before the holy water was poured over the images, he personally supervised the installation in the inner shrine. It was an extremely hot night, with the charcoal retorts melting the cement inside to further add to the heat and it must have been intolerable inside, but he sat there for about an hour and a half telling them what to do.”

“On the last night before the final day he went in procession, opening the doors of the new hall and temple, and passed through into the inner shrine where he stood for some five or ten minutes with both hands placed on the Sri Chakra in blessing.”

Below is the photo of that Yantra at Arunachala ashram; since the dimensions were given by the maharishi himself it may be taken as authentic

An authentic source or supplier to buy the Yantra

In today’s world where the ever booming spiritual supermarket is so much commercialized (profit-orientated) one does not feel like recommending anyone, people may be able to find addresses of craftsman from the pundits of ancient temples in south India

Best is to learn to draw the Yantra yourself; it is a form of mediation when one engrosses his mind in the study of the Yantra.

The benefit of the process of constantly thinking about a symbol or yantra is explained by Sri Ramana (refer point 5 in the link)

Another quote

“On 19 April 1937, a respectable gentleman asked Ramana about the Sri Chakra.

Ramana replied, “It has a deep significance.  There are 43 corners with sacred syllables in them.  Its worship is a method for concentration of mind.  The mind is wont to move externally.  It must be checked and turned within.  Its habit is to dwell on names and forms, for all external objects possess name and form.  Such names and forms are therefore made symbolic mental conceptions so as to divert the mind from external objects and make it dwell within itself.  The idols, mantras and yantras are all meant to give food to the mind in its introvert state so that it may later become capable of concentration, after which the superb state is attained automatically.”

(Talks with Ramana Maharshi, p.380)

Is it beneficial to keep the Shree yantra at home

This is the most common question asked

Beneficial or not; such things are asked for some material gain or to experience worldly pleasures

The person who walks on the spiritual path will certainly be guided and protected and naturally experience health, harmony and prosperity

Try making a simple prayer that you wish to elevate and that you may be shown your faults and shortcomings and see the results yourself, they may not be pleasant but you will surely gain spiritually

The new age gurus and godmen who are marketing the spiritual items at exorbitant prices will always be ready to answer the above question about the benefits of keeping yantras at home, a true spiritual guide will tell you these words written in the 13th century by the sufi mystic-- Amir Khusrow

ख़ुसरोदरिया प्रेमका, उलटीवा कीधार,
जोउभरा सोडूब गया,जो डूबासो पार.

Khusro dariya prem ka, ulīvā kī dhār,
Jo ubhrā so ūb gayā, jo ūbāso pār.

“Khusro! the river of love has an opposite, very unusual flow

He who chooses to floats up will drown (will be lost), and he who abandons himself and drowns will get across and achieve what the world calls impossible.”

The realm of love has an unusual, opposite flow as compared to the flow of the material world.

To seek one must abandon himself completely and jump in this river without any fear (or questions like beneficial or not)

Then such a person makes his way to the opposite shore

It is necessary to fully immerse oneself in this love

The one who tries to float----he drowns.

Siddha yantra—how to energise a yantra

There are some fundamental laws of the Universe and one of them is the “Law of balance”; we are surrounded by all which matches our vibrations.

There is Energy in the higher realm which is beyond our imagination, but can we tune in to that energy? The answer is no because of our low spiritual level

When you first install a yantra it will bring some awakening and after that it is a mutual process you enrich the yantra and the yantra brings about more blessings and lets you to tune in to higher level more and more

Please do not fall in the trap of the so called Guru’s and Godman who claims to energise the yantra for you, I will give you a recent example decide for your self

Spiritual guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, who took it upon himself to try and strike a chord with the notorious terrorist outfit ISIS, changed his tune after his outreach was rebuffed. He now feels ISIS can only be dealt with militarily and there is no scope of a peaceful resolution.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar said. I quote: "I tried to initiate peace talks with the ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) recently but they sent me a photograph of a beheaded body of a man. Thus, my effort for a peace dialogue with the ISIS ended"

Here you see the double Sri first talks about peace and love and after that he talks of military action. Mr Sri Sri ravi Shankar if you nurse the thought of military action in you then do not talk about peace and love.

There are so many instances when holy men and Buddha’s have calmed down angry wild animals or violent people, they could do it because they had the vibration of love coming out of them

So can a person like sri sri ravi Shankar who talks of peace but suggest military action can he energise the yantra he sells you? All these Godmen run a business of selling spiritual items at fixed rates. sadhguru jaggi vasudev of isha yoga, avdhoot baba shivanand of shivyog and many many more  are into this big business .Do not fall into their trap

Whenever I travel I bring rudraksha and other spititual things after offering them at ancient temples and distribute them for free (as Prasad) to others; at least these gurus should not keep the spiritual items at a fixed price tag, they can say that pay what you like, but to do this a person must be God centred which these Godmen are certainly not 

Metal or stone which Yantra is better

Most of ancient idols are made from stone some are fitted with a gold face mask.

All Shree yantras presented by Adi Shankaracharya to Temples are made from stone whereas the ancient Shiv Ling’s in these temples and maths are made from Sphatik that is quartz crystal

To read about sphatik please click on this link

It would be good to immerse a new yantra in salt water overnight then dip it in fresh water for some time as salt abstracts all negative energies

To read about the spiritual benefits of salt please click on this link

Puja worship of the Yantra or Shivling

A connection between higher and lower relams is established when food etc are offered to the yantras or Shivling or the vedic fire ceremony daily or on the respective days of the week; because of such people the Earth receives blessings from the higher realms, that is why such pujas are religiously carried out in ancient temples, maths and by some sadhus / swamis

One can offer cow’s milk, coconut water, honey, sugarcane juice, turmeric powder, kumkum etc to the Shree yantra


  1. Dear Mr Bhoj, Namaskaram, Thank you for taking the time to make this blog post to clarify. Your thoughts are meaningful and much appreciate the same. Kind regards, Vijay

    1. Gratitude for your kind words

      i will be travelling to Badrinath shortly and will keep all my readers in my prayers

    2. Hello Mr Bhoj,

      Namaskar. My name is Vishvesh Parikh. I live in Canada.

      I just read your comment on Shree Yantra. Very good description and details on the topic. I am really impressed your detailed information on this article.

      I have been wanting to have a Siddha Shree Yantra OR Meru Yantra in my home temple. I was just wondering if you know who can create a genuine and siddha Shree Chakra?

      Can a parad shree chakra be more effective OR a Panchdhatu OR a Pushpa Karni Wood one?

      There are lots of things people say about shree yantra that parad is prohibited and brass is not to be used.

      I would really appreciate if you could shed some light on this.

      P.s: Are you following any spiritual path Or belong to any guru lineage?


  2. Hello Mr Bhoj, Namaskar. Very good description and details on Shree yantra. I was just wondering if you know who can create a genuine and siggha Shree Chakra?

    Can a parad shree chakra be more effective OR a Panchdhatu OR a Pushpa Karni Wood one?

    There are lots of things people say about shree yantra that parad is prohibited and brass is not to be used.

    I would really appreciate if you could shed some light on this.


    1. Thank you for you kind words

      Regarding siddha Shree yantra and Panchdhatu yantras I will add a paragraph in the above blog in a day or two

      The south india temples all have a stone shree yantra

      I am told that there are some ascetic’s in the Himalaya who possess crystal yantras (which are priceless) and when there sadhana (spiritual practice) is over they hand over the yantras to the next person, I have myself seen two sadhus exchanging some precious stone rings for their spiritual practice which a jeweler who happened to be there said that one cost about 6 to 8 lakhs rupees while the other cost less yet they exchanged them without giving any consideration to money

      I have written about parad (mercury) in the blog on shiv ling

      To answer your last question; I have tried various paths and gurus worldwide and am still waiting to meet the one who is guiding and taking care of me always

  3. Well Lord Sri Krishna also went as a peace emissary more than once. This did not work. So he went with the alternative. This is the Vedic way - sama, dana, bheda and danda. Such examples are there in many incidents in Puranas. Peace is the first preference.Then other methods are tried.

    1. agree, when yudhisthir was crowned king, kripacharya gave him this advice that as a king he must look at the battle field as the very last resort
      but this is certainly not applicable to the enlightened, as written in the blog a Buddha would never think of the battle field

    2. One of my life’s experiences : I have seen an old lady holding food in her hand and the birds came near her without any fear also she used to pet any alsatian dog and the animal always responded in a positive way; she could do it because she had that love for them and that love was possible because she never nursed the thought about violence, rest how many people can feed a bird directly with their hands or pet a stranger’s Alsatian

    3. yes but Krishna did advise the battlefield as the last resort!

  4. Thank You sir, for a zen stick on so called enlightened Conmens ....

  5. When Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswati Mahaswamiji, also known as the Sage of Kanchi was was traveling with his entourage in the desolate forests of Srisailam. Somewhere on the way, they came across the Senju hunters, the hunters raised their bow and arrows initially, but when they saw the sage with His divya tejas, they realized their mistake and became friendly. (Such is the power of a great soul)
    The people who came to oppose their passage became their security guards, carrying their luggage and watching over their camps at night time. Only after safely seeing off Paramacharya and his entourage at their next destination, the hunters assembled before them to take leave and even gave a dance performance
    What would have the sri sri ravishankar done in this case called his political contacts to arrange for security and then escape and call a press conference

  6. Hi,

    Just wanted to share my experience with you.
    When I went to Badrinath and inside the sanctorom for darshan I could see a green coloured idol instead of the black as seen in normal images. could not understand why and after visiting the vyas gufa and ganesh gufa made one more trip to the temple and saw it in a darker shade this time. This was the first time I saw the Bhairavi Yantra around the main door. Could not take a snap and had been searching for more than 2 years on the net for the same. And today when i started searching on the accurate way of drawing a shree yantra I came across this blog and feeling very blessed. Thank you so much for this. Would really like to know the right ratios for drawing the shree yantra and if there is any scripture which specifies this rightly. Thanks a lot for your updates. I also like travelling to such places and was impressed with your blog. In case you are aware of why I saw the idol in different colour do share.

    1. the idol is covered and you can only see the face at all times except during the morning rituals orspecial occasions

      you may have seen different colours due to light reflection

      you may refer my article on the authentic design of shree yantra

      as mentioned there are various ratios, and differentyantras can be drawn using the same basic design

      you need to know the distance between the nine horizontal lines

      the lori la method where the yantra is drawn from the seed of life design (intersecting circles) is very interesting

      the method given by patric flanagan is accurate

      thanks for appreciation