23 December, 2016

Pilgrimage to the Himalaya 2016

This time I had planned a trip in advanced but nothing work out, so as usual I started a totally unplanned trip (I just get down at Haridwar station then decide where to go)

I stayed in temples, caves and forest. Most of the time in tents

I met many sadhus who stay in solitude at high altitudes, in forest, by the river etc

It was indeed a very fruitful trip

First visited the ancient Ansuya devi temple

Atri muni ashram near Ansuya devi’s temple

One needs to go behind this water fall to reach the ashram

Tungarnath the highest shiv temple in the world

Nandi ji 

Stayed here for only Rs 400 a day

Chandrashila (literally the moon rock) reached after an early morning trek above Tungarnath

Sunrise at Chandrashila

Kalpeshwar mahadev in the urgam valley

Urgam valley

Note: Tungarnath and Kalpeshwar mahadev are one of the panch (five) kedar temples

Dhyan Badri (one of the panch Badri temples)

Hot springs at Tapovan off Joshimath famous for their healing powers, it was cold and I just did not feel like coming out of the hot water---Wash me, cleanse me, purify my heart and set me free. Psalm 51:2


Ancient temple of Bhavishya Badri in Sumai vllage

Then trekked up to the forest where the self-forming idol of Bhavishya Badri is located

My tent at Bhavishya Badri

Nandadevi as seen from Bhavishya Badri

Neelkanth as seen from Bhavishya Badri

Niti Valley

View towards tapovan, joshimath

Then spent a few days at Badrinath

Inside Ekadashi Gufa

Trek to Muchkund Gufa off mana village

On the left is Mana pass the highest motor able road, then is the mana village and the road to Badrinath

Muchkund Gufa

 Trek to the base of Neelkanth

At the base of neelkanth

A cave ashram high above Badrinath temple, I always wanted to visit it. It is very well equipped, has a boiler / heater, solar panels and is fully insulated 

View of Badrinath from the cave ashram

View of Badrinath temple enroute to the cave ashram