12 November, 2015

Pilgrimage to the Himalaya

Since a long time I have not written a single blog.

Will try and write soon, as some blogs are lined up since the last 3 years.

Meanwhile please enjoy these photos from my last pilgrimage to the Himalaya.


small town of yamunotri. seen behind is the river yamunotri from its origin high above in the ice glaciers

Divya Shilla or divine stone pillar, the origin of the hot water spring

this swami has been living in yamunotri for more than 50 years; he stays back in winters even when the town is abandoned


Shiv ling at the kashi vishwanath temple at Uttarkashi

Divine trident at the Shakti Temple in the same complex


On the way to Gaumukh from Gangotri

Gaumukh, the origin of the Bhagirathi river

Tapovan; comes from the two root words tapas - meaning spiritual practice, and vana, meaning forest. Tapovan then translates as forest of austerities or spiritual practice.

Seen in the back ground is the ice glacier which feeds the Bhagarathi river  

Neel tal (off Tapovan)

Ancient cave of Guru Gorakhnath at srinagar garhwal. Very few people know about this cave 

Satopanth yatra (pilgrimage) from Badrinath to satopanth lake, meaning the path of truth, it is belived that the Pandavas took this route towards the end of their lives

The origin of the river Alaknanda at alkapuri; the river Bhagirathi and Alaknanda merge at devprayag from where it is called Ganga

Satopanth tal (lake)

The living mountains off Badrinath; bare yet full of life