02 July, 2012

Authentic design of Shree Yantra

2500 years back Adi Shankaracharya presented this Shree Yantra to the Chidambaram temple in south India.

He also presented a sphatik (crystal) Shivling to the temple; the most ancient Chidambaram temple is one of the five temples of Shiva which represent different elements (Earth, air, fire, water and ether); this temple represents the ether element.

These five temple's were built on the Earth’s magnetic equator (the magnetic equator of the Earth passed through south India at that time) and the layout and architecture of the temple is replete with philosophical meanings and all the five temples representing the elements are truly an engineering, astrological and geographical wonders

This temple houses various priceless objects one among those is a small idol of Natraj made of ruby.

The main idol is Natraj; Shiva dancing the Ananda Tandava; The dance of eternal joy.

I have clicked the above photo; the photo below was uploaded from Dinamalar.com. Here the yantra is without the bindu / dot so the full design can be seen clearly.  

How and in what direction should the Shree yantra be placed?

Upward facing triangle represents the male, fire energy; fire has a natural tendency to rise upwards, so males display more ambition.

Downward facing triangle represents the female, the yoni, water energy; water has a natural tendency to flow down and spread (may be that is why females cannot keep a secret and spread it)     

The Shree yantra represents feminine energy hence if placed vertically like in the above photos the 4 triangles point up and 5 triangles point down.

Now if the yantra is placed flat (horizontally) the correct direction would be the 4 triangles point EAST and the 5 triangles point WEST.

I find this to be the correct direction because this was the direction a Shree Yantra Geoglyph which appeared mysteriously in 1990 on a dry bed of a lake in Oregon U.S.A, had been  drawn at a scale of nearly one-quarter-mile across and 13.3 miles of lines; this certainly appears to be  a paranormal activity.(for information on Oregon yantra thanks to Dr Stephen M. Phillips)

The 3 dimensional Meru Shree yantra can be placed with the base of the top triangle facing EAST and the cone of the triangle (vertex or apex) pointing WEST.

Also, since it is a feminine yantra it may better be called a SHREE yantra rather than SRI yantra. 

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  1. this is an uncomparable and the most precious gift of adi shankaracharyaji that finally thers is a path to get rid of all the confusions of world and attain pure self.

    1. Sincerely appreciate your contribution / most welcome always

  2. i myself worship Meru Shree Yantra in my pooja ghar..... its has amazing positive wives.....

  3. what is your logic in calling this a shree yantra instead of sree yantra..
    i think it is श्री यंत्र and this श्री is used in male sense
    श्री राम, श्री कृष्ण etc

    1. this is a feminine yantra,

      the answer is already written in the blog as per my current understanding

  4. Yeah but if i am having a photo frame of shree yantra then on which direction of wall should i hang it & the front side should face which direction? East,west,north, south?

    1. Very good question
      shree yantras are placed vertically in south Indian temples
      in the chidambaram temple the yantra faces south so you have to face north to look at the yantra
      after I started to draw the shree yantra I realized that shree yantras at different temples have a different ratio’s I will update my blog for this information.

    2. please read this article