15 July, 2012

Garuda Ganga the miracle stream

Everything is science; most of which is beyond present human understanding.

There are a few paranormal phenomena in my life, which remain as mysteries.

I had some connection with snakes; my childhood was spent in a crowded suburb yet there were so many instances where I had seen snakes not just small ones but huge cobras, sometimes in pairs.

Then we shifted to a completely green area, seeing snakes were a say daily instance, sometimes very close to my body.

When I sailed on ships many times I saw water snakes.

The day when I left home for my first visit to the Himalayas a huge snake fell close to my body from a tree.

Now the story shifts to the Himalayas reroute to Badrinath {I was travelling with a group} we halted at Garuda Ganga a small stream; many cars were parked there and there were many visitors.

I don’t know why but I strongly felt like picking up a stone from the stream, but I did not.

Back in the car a lady asked me if I had collected stones, I said “no”.

She handed me a few stones and told me that people come to this place to take stones and who ever keeps a stone from here is not troubled by snakes, also before building houses people lay  stones from here in the foundation of their house.

And yes this proved to be true; since then I who has always come across snakes have never sited one.

Garuda; is a mythical bird-like creature that appears in both Hindu and Buddhist mythology.

Garuda---The Divine Bird and Mount of Lord Vishnu.

Whenever I travel on the road to Badrinath; I collect a few stones to distribute to people who want to experience the miracle of the Garuda Ganga.


  1. Hi,
    I picked up five stones from there and when I returned home, the stones formed into an image of Lord Ganesh.... what could be the message or link there....

    1. welcome to the blog
      i have no idea about this

  2. Garuda Ganga is 5 Kms after pipalkoti on the rishikesh Badrinath route