27 July, 2012

Ramanuja the saint; who broke the tradition for the benefit of all.

After 18 attempts he finally receives one of the most powerful mantra----as per the tradition, he was told to keep this a secret  otherwise he would go to hell.

----Back in town he climbs the highest tower of the temple----he calls the people who gather in thousands----and gives the Ashtakshari mantra to all----

This news his reaches guru---angry with his act of giving the sacred mantra to all---he asked him  why have you done this----
---he says all the people who have learnt this mantra are sure to receive salvation so it does not matter if I go to hell----his guru realizes his greatness and praises him.

---the student has awakened the guru---

He was the saint Ramanuja and he shared with all; one of the most powerful mantra:

 “Om Namo Narayana”

Without any restrictions of caste, creed or other man-made denominations.

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