02 August, 2012

The Avatars of Vishnu---tell the theory of human evolution.

The Puranas are actual histories, they tell the various stories right from the origin of the Universe.

Here everything is explained in an easy to understand way and is integrated with moral teachings.

Planetary positions are described to enable us to trace out the timeline.

What do the avatars of the lord Vishnu tell us?

They explain the story of evolution.

Matsya----The fish avatar---- first life forms evolved in water.

Kurma----The turtle avatar---- the amphibian--- signifying evolution of life from water to land.

Varaha----The boar avatar---- The first mammals evolve.

Narasimha avatar----half man—half animal.

Vamana----Short human---- transition to early man

Parasurama---- the forest dweller {the first settlement of humans in forests}---- development of first weapons such as axe---- but no control over senses such as anger.

Rama---- the evolved man following the path of righteousness.

Krishna----to guide mankind in the times when evil flourishes.

My favourite avatar is Narasimha avatar; please read the post---The Narasimha avatar---and the ancient Narasimha temple in joshimath.

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