16 August, 2012

What is due to the soul; the soul gets.

I love one particular incident from the Ramayana and that is the birth of the twin sons of Rama in Valmiki's ashram.

Sita gave birth to her twin sons Lav and Kush in sage Valmiki’s ashram in the forest.

The sage felt deeply hurt that the descendants of the Sun Dynasty       
{ suryavanshi} were born in a hut in the forest they deserved to be born in a palace among grandeur.

Just then a pupil called valmiki out to show him that their entire ashram was circled by the army of Ayodhya.
It has so happened that Rama had sent his brother Shatrughna to fight the evil asur {demon} Lavanasur; and on the way the army came across Valmiki’s ashram and wanted to halt there for the night.

Valmiki could not believe his eyes, where ever he saw; he could see the flags and symbols of the Sun dynasty, the army commanders and the horses. 

As if the entire army of Ayodhya was standing to welcome the two just born princes of the Sun Dynasty.

When Shatrughna was informed about the birth of the two babies he presented them with gold ornaments he was wearing which had the seal of the royal family.

Valmiki had tears in his eyes on seeing this divine arrangement; such welcome was due to the just born and they got what their soul deserved.

There was no point to worry; and Valmiki writes.

 होइ है  वही  जो  राम रचि  राखा
को  करे  तरफ़  बढ़ाए  साखा

Hoi Hai Wahi Jo Ram Rachi Raakhaa
Ko Kare Tarak Badhaye Saakha

What is destined will happen; there is no point in getting worried.


  1. very well written and i totally agree that you will never get a percent more or less than you are entitled for. Destiny is the mother of all the things happening in ones life.

  2. thank you very much madam; so true