21 August, 2012

Einstein went against the system; overthrew accepted ideas and gave the world E=m c ²

Written on a tomb in Westminster abbey are the words “Mortals congratulate yourselves that so great a man has lived for the honor of the human race”
This happens to be the tomb of Isaac Newton.

Newton had introduced ideas like absolute time and absolute space and further said that absolute time and space respectively are independent aspects.

The world followed these principals for 300 years until Albert Einstein was born to shake the foundations of physics.

There was an answered problem---“how can it be that at the same instant of time the speed of light is same; both for an observer moving in the same direction as light and for an observer who is standing still”   

Einstein thought over this for 7 full years; he wasn't afraid to think differently from other people; then one day he dared to change Newtonian physics.

He said why we assume things; if the speed of light has been found to be constant let us take it as a constant; and the thing which changes is time, meaning moving clocks run slow.

The concept of absolute time and space were challenged; and Einstein proclaimed that; time varies and further, space and time are inseparable

The world did not believe him and ridiculed him; on his part Einstein got his constant ‘C’ speed of light---it took only 5 weeks in 1905 to write his famous equation   E=m c ². Today historians call it the miracle year.

If this equation is used to calculate the energy in mass, say a bus ticket which weighs less than a gram; this bus ticket has enough energy to run the bus for a life time.

It took him 2 more years to realize that the inverse also holds true; all matter is materialized from energy.
Spiritually speaking the fruit on the tree is not derived from cell multiplication alone but from energy from the heavens.

There are a very few people who live in their own world. Einstein was one of them and he changed the laws of physics; it all started when he had the courage not to follow fixed ideas.


  1. shivam = matter
    shakthi = energy

    sivasakthi = matter-energy transfer

    1. hello vshweshwaran
      our scriptures say it all