01 September, 2012

Break Free.

There were many who dared to think and act against the fixed norms of society.

Adi Shankaracharya  challenged the society and stood up against the brahim's; breaking all customs, he is known as the biggest reformer and Jagadguru, literally meaning the Guru of the world. 

When Columbus insisted that their lay a continent on the other side no one believed him.

When the Beatles created an entirely different sort of music and dressed differently; no one accepted them, then one day they rocked the world with their look and sound.

Paulo Coelho when he was a teen wanted to follow his dreams; he was admitted to a mental hospital as he did not go with the traditional ways.
He grew up to write “The alchemist” the story of a youth who believes and follows his dream; this book has been translated into 71 languages and 65 million copies have been sold worldwide.

JK Rowling wrote “Harry Potter” an unusual children book, at first no one wanted to print it; ultimately she became richer than the queen.

All these people lived in their own world.

It was said that the dark ages will be the age of the machines.

This is so true; humans have become like machines, fixed ideas, fixed lifestyle.

People expect you to have a steady job, no matter you have to work like a machine throughout the day; people keep on asking you why have you not married after marriage they keep on asking you why you do not have children {to add to the burden of overpopulation}

People have become slaves; slaves to their fixed way of life.

Today how many school students are happy with the valueless education system?

If an adult wants to take a day off for from office, can he do it easily? Either he has to think of the loss of pay or his work load.

Can anyone dare to dress a little differently from the rest?

How many of us have danced when we felt like dancing?

How many of us cried openly in front of everyone?

How many times we had to check our emotions?

Humans can only claim to be free.


My next article will be on spiritual freedom.  


  1. ur article has a feel good factor. but the problem is when we are living in a society, we have to abide by the norms. its sadly not possible to laugh when u want to or dance when you want to. humans will nevr b free as they are entangled in life!

    1. thank you anand
      I have read about a lot of people coming together and forming communities also many big corporations are trying to create a relaxed working atmosphere.

      It is my wish and hope that we will break free one day.
      Do keep contributing.

  2. our thoughts match, all the best

  3. hi
    history proves that many people have lost their lives due to RELIGION. humans dont understand something as complex as religion. we have started using religion for profits. god doesnt want people to fight & die in palestine,iraq,burma etc. he doesnt want us to leave our jobs & go to religious places on tuesday or saturday & pay money to the pujari so as to get blessings. religion has been misused & misunderstood more than it has been utilized properly.

    can this world be a better place without religion? i certainly think it can be.

    need your feedback on the above.


    1. Hello anand

      What can be sadder; than to watch the religious believes divide people to the extent that hate emerges.

      i am always hurt when I hear comments like “ we are building a college for our own community” .
      so much divide.

      The Vedas never acknowledged caste discrimination; but how racist humans have become.

      When will humans be saved from the pious agony of the priest?

      This world will certainly be a better place if hate in the minds of people is converted to love; then it does not matter if religion exits or not.

      But will the powerful sitting in the gold studded cathedrals and the so called custodians of faith ever let mankind to sing one song; the song of love.

  4. Sir that's a superb article.