09 October, 2012

And he was Enlightened..Nirvana Shatakam..Atma shatakam in story form.

What is the state of enlightenment?
I do not know;
I do not wish to understand it; 
I want to experience it.

I know one thing for sure that the path to this state comes from within.

No shri shri guruji or shri shri multiply by 108 or shri shri multiply by 1008 can bring us to this state; it is the journey of the soul, and the soul is the self.

I write this story inspired by Nirvana Shatakam; The eternal words of Adi Shankaracharya. And dedicate this article to all those souls who have little to do with the world and who strive for the progress of the soul.

The journey which begins with the prayer to the universe to lead us from darkness to light; till the day the soul comes out of all dualities to realize that without darkness light would have no meaning.

He grew up hearing stories of one enlightened soul known as the Mahavatar and he had a wish to meet him. He also heard a lot of stories about different baba’s; some known to have walked on water, some known to have travelled in thin air, stories of some giving up their bodies willfully.

In reality nor he nor his fore fathers had come across such people but there were stories and more stories.

He heard some beautiful words “….And no heart has ever suffered when it goes in search of its dream…” and he decided to follow his dream, even though he did not know what enlightenment was; he desired to be enlightened.

Maybe this was the call of his soul. And he needed to experience it rather than understand it.

The spiritual super market had a lot to offer, because there was a huge demand, there was a huge supply.

He joined cults, and met Guru’s, followed rituals and took part in ceremonies.

After years he realized that the pious agony of the Gurus took him nowhere.

All of religion, all the cults, all the guru’s wanted to bond him, he was entrapped. These person themselves bound in their theories and believes, how they could liberate any one.

Everyone wanted to take charge of him, they wanted him to follow something, and no Guru set him free to experience the world, as they themselves were bound in their fancy dress and their titles.

He left them for good and started studying philosophies, tried to understand quantum physics, read the scriptures till the day he came across two lines of a saint.

पोथी पढी पढी जग मुआ पंडित भया ना कोय
ढाई आखर प्रेम का पढे सो पंडित होय

Pothi padhi padhi jag mua,
pandit bhaya na koi

Dhai aakhar prem ka,
padhe so pandit hoye


Reading Books and Scriptures everyone died, No one became wise
whoever understands the small word ‘Love’, he truly becomes wise.

Still he kept on wandering from one temple to other, one river bank to other, he noticed that no one was interested in the onetime great Sindhu—The Indus river but people were attracted to the Ganga in the hope of washing their sins, and one day when the Ganga will dry up people will change their loyalty to some other source of water.

Now he was not well-seasoned in tradition, nor a part of the pomp of ceremonies, nor bound by theories, Nor corrupted by beliefs, not held in the bondage of religions or entrapped by philosophies.

He was finally free.

The mind which had entrapped him once; today that same mind became the cause of his freedom; his big step on the spiritual journey.

He no longer performed the difficult task of becoming someone’s student, nor did he perform the easy task of becoming a Guru himself.

He had neither merit nor demerit, he had neither virtues nor vices, nor was he high or low, neither was he pure or impure. He was neither liberated nor captivated.

He desired no one’s attention. He had no friends or enemies.

Neither was he interested in performing good deeds or bad deeds.

He did not have any chants or a mantra or a holy place not even was he interested in any pilgrimage or Vedic fire ceremonies.

He got up one day where he had no hatred or dislike, no desires.

Not even the desire to have no desires.

And he experienced eternal bliss.

Having opened his higher chakras to the universe and also his lower chakras to accept love, though he had no desire for the same, at the same time he had no reservations nor did he undertake spiritual practices or vows.

Slowly he did not associate his self with his body or the elements that made it or the five senses or the mind, ego or the intellect.

And that final state when the five coverings (pancha-kosha) that covered his soul were of no meaning to him, the big I had vanished, the I, the ego which bound his soul to these five coverings had disappeared and with that everything covering his soul vanished.

Today he was without any attributes and without any form.

He had no wishes for anything because his soul was everything.

He was himself Bliss and eternal consciousness.

He had no desire to fly or walk on water he had learned to walk on earth without that I which had held so many coverings on his soul; and whatever he had learned, he unlearned.

Then the Enlightened one whom he sought from ages to ages was in front of him----face to face-----When he saw his own shadow in the waters of the river.

And the Shiva in him danced the Ananda Tandava;
The dance of eternal joy.


  1. desire to hv no desire...

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      this is my favourite article

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