27 October, 2012

If you try to float.....you drown…....If you wish to drown…you achieve…

ख़ुसरो दरिया प्रेम का, उलटी वा की धार,
जो उभरा सो डूब गया, जो डूबा सो पार.

Khusro dariya prem ka, ulī vā kī dhār,
Jo ubhrā so ūb gayā, jo ūbā so pār.

Khusro! the river of love has an opposite, very  unusual flow
He who chooses to floats up will drown (will be lost), and he who abandons himself and drowns will get across and achieve what the world calls impossible.

What do these words, written in the 13th century mean…?

The realm of love has an unusual, opposite flow as compared to the flow of the material world.

To seek one must abandon himself completely and jump in this river without any fear
Then such a person makes his way to the opposite shore

It is necessary to fully immerse oneself in this love

The one who tries to float----he drowns.

These are the words of the sufi mystic-- Amir Khusrow. Applicable when one seeks his beloved or God…one has to jump in the river of love to drown.

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