03 January, 2015

Reason behind the Char Dham Yatra

{Original article written in july 2012, later edited} 

People believe that by completing the char dham yatra {pilgrimage to the 4 holy shrines} one attains moksha {liberation} and that sins are washed away.


this is not true; No soul can get liberated in this way.

Adi Shankaracharya started the tradition of the char dham yatra.

The true char dham yatra consists of a pilgrimage to Badrinath in the north, Rameshwaram in the south, Dwarka in the west and jagannath puri in the east.

A pilgrimage  to  yamunotri, gangotri, kedarnath and badrinath in the Himalayas is not the actual char dham yatra.

The true char dham yatra

The importance of the four (char dham) temples spread in the four directions

Geographically speaking the char dham (the four temples) made a perfect square or cross with Badrinath in the North and Rameswaram in the South falling on same longitude and Dwarka(old)in the West and Puri in the East on same latitude ( at that time, before coastlines changed)

Ancient temples with a hidden yantra (mystical diagram) based on sacred geometry were scientifically designed to be powerful energy centers

The Badrinath temple has a Bhairav yantra and in the words of the chief priest of the temple this “creates an explosion of energy”

Please click on the link below to read more about that yantra

So the four temples on the extreme limits of India create a concentration of energy in India.

The char dham yatra or pilgrimage to the four ancient holy shrines

The reason why Adi Shankaracharya started the tradition of the char dham yatra and the religious gathering of the Kumbh mela was that he wanted to integrate India spiritually

There was a north / south cultural divide and India was split up.

Adi Shankaracharya  arranged that the idol at Badrinath be offered chandan {sandalwood}  and silk from the south India also the head priest comes from south India  {namboodiri brahmin from kerala}

And the Shivling at rameshwaram be offered Ganga water from north and the priest comes from north India {gharwal brahmin or from Varanasi in north}

This was Adi Shankaracharya ‘s vision to have a flow of spiritual energy across India and as a direct result India was firmly integrated

Adi  Shankaracharya also started the tradition of the Kumbh mela a spiritual gathering of millions of people which creates a strong spiritual vibration

In the later years Mahatma Gandhi started giving speeches at the Kumbh mela and uniting the Indians.
The Britishers were quick to put a ban and the Kumbh mela was not held again till India got its freedom.

Please Note: visiting ancient temples has its own advantages. This article is to break the myth that just by doing the char dham yatra a person gets salvation.


  1. Hi, I do agree with your comments on the Chardham yatra...most people are not aware of it and think that this is the way to moksha. A true Guru will guide you and let you know that these yatras are only to connect to the Divine energy that prevails there and that Moksha only comes when one cleans oneself mentally, physically and spiritually....
    This had become a big business, until the episode of the June disaster in 2013 which has slowed down people going there, but recently I and another four had gone there and found that people again have started trickling in large number to seek their GODS for MOKSHA... I hope sense prevails and that they understand more deeply their visits to this spiritual centres.

    1. it would be so nice if the people understood this

      religion has become a money making business and the spiritual super market has a lot to offer and trap people

      currently i am writing some articles about this

      please do visit and express your thoughts

      always welcome

    2. Hi,

      Yes, the whole scenario is with all religions and people are looking for quick fixes to all their problems not knowing that the universal law of karma ...or what science says 'cause and effect' operates and that one must be very cautious in everything that one does, for whatever one sows one has to pay for it and that no GOD/ DIVINE/ PANDITS, HOLY MEN/RITUALS is going to save them.
      Actually writing articles will only spread to the few who take interest in reading on this particular subject.....its better if we have a person who expresses his or her thoughts on television, streets or public places, where those who are illiterate can benefit too... these are my thoughts.

    3. yes, very well said.

      most people go on a pilgrimage with there "wish list" or just to finish there customary obligation

      your suggestion is very good, however it requires a lot of resources

      i do not have a friend circle and enjoy writing in solitude
      and i am devoting all my time to go towards my dream which is settling in a green environment, growing rudraksh trees etc


  2. Good place, Nice pictures and narration. Enjoyed. Still East is pending in my list

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  3. Great article. However I think just like Adi Guru established Chardham to unite India. Chota Chardham also helps in creating livlihood for millions .. there is no place where one can go to wash away their sins .. explaining that has to do nothing with chardham yatra but i do agree chardham yatra can be made more meaningful and less marketing exercise.

    1. hope and pray it becomes more meaningful, thanks for contributing

      have also written in the article that visiting ancient temples has its own advantage