02 September, 2013

All India khula Saand Akhara

I have started a new akhara (an association of Swamis).and named it “The All India khula Saand Akhara”

The working system will be the same like most of the ashrams.

The top post of the Mahamandaleshwar is open for auction and will be given to the highest bidder; preference will be given to a charismatic personality.

We will enjoy a complete tax free status with no money accountability what so ever, our main business will be to let out rooms in the name of ashram (more for Ganga facing room and so on)

Money inflows will be no problem; people will not feed the poor who are dying on the streets but will be extremely generous with us.

We will not have to scientifically prove anything we teach; the spiritual super market is a free for all market and people will blindly follow us---mind control at its best.

Since we will not be family persons we will have the licence to be irresponsible when it comes to male-female relationships.

We will be infallible authorities, and command absolute loyalty.

What we say will always be right, and never wrong or incorrect.

We will prohibit individual mental freedom, and get unquestioned obedience.

So if you would like to do the easy job of preaching rather than the difficult job of practicing you are welcome to join The All India khula Saand Akhara

For my readers who do not speak hindi-- khula Saand means a bull let loose who keeps on chasing cows.