24 November, 2013

Difference between the ascetic’s paduka {foot ware} and the toe ring.

Science behind religious practices

Married women wear a metal ring on their second toe. This helps to activate certain nerves (due to the electromagnetic properties of metal) whereby the reproductive system is benefited and also helps to generate passion. 

In some communities the husband himself puts the toe ring on his bride which I believe signifies a spiritual connection between the couple.

Wearing toe rings is an ancient practice in India and Archaeologists have also discovered two ancient Egyptian skeletons, dating back more than 3,300 years, which were each buried with a toe ring made of copper alloy.  

On the other hand an ascetic wears a paduka a wooden footwear with a knob between the big and second toe.

The only way to walk wearing a paduka is to squeeze the big and second toe firmly around the wooden knob; by doing this the nerves are pressed (compressed) which helps the ascetic to lead a celibate life.

This has exactly the opposite effect of wearing a metal toe ring.

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