01 December, 2013

Science behind putting a piece of iron under the pillow to ward away evil

Science behind religious practices

My grandmother had a remedy for disturbed sleep {experiencing hallucinations} she used to keep an iron object under the pillow, this was to ward off the evil spirits and guarantee a peaceful sleep.

Later in life I was watching a program on TV—this was a true story of a famous castle which was supposed to be haunted, there was a particular room in the castle, anyone who slept there experienced the worst sleep of his life.

Scientist conducted experiments in this castle and found out that the mattress was made from small iron springs. This unusual mattress created a significant local magnetic anomaly {deviations in values of a magnetic field from the normal values} this made the people sleeping on that mattress to have a disturbed sleep.

since certain low-frequency complex magnetic fields generated in the surrounding which can influence brain activity and cause susceptible individuals to hallucinate ghostly experiences{ Laboratory experiments have proved this}

This can happen in any house even if the mattress is not made from iron springs because metals in the surrounding acquire a magnetic field {iron is highly magnetically permeable that is the ability to acquire high magnetization in relatively weak magnetic fields, also iron diverts magnetic fields around it, even if it isn't actually magnetized.}

now how does placing a piece of iron under the pillow help to solve this problem

It clicked to me that this is the reason why we use the “flinders bars” below the ships magnetic compass—these are soft iron bars used to correct the errors in the magnetic field, after placing the flinders bar the ships magnetic compass gets corrected of errors and shows the correct direction.{i am a ship's navigator}

Placing iron below the pillow {as my grandmother suggested} acted as the flinders bar correcting the uneven magnetic field which disturbed the brain and caused hallucinations for which the blame was put on the evil spirits.

So in short----abnormal magnetic fields which are easily generated can influence brain activity and cause individuals to hallucinate that is to have ghostly experiences----by keeping a piece of iron underneath the pillow this abnormal magnetic field is cancelled out.

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  1. My sleep patterns got immensely improved by using this trick. Although i already knew about it but thank you for explaining the science behind it .

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      also i can sleep well with my head in the south direction

  2. Won't the iron kept under the pillow also create a magnetic field and further disturb sleep.

    1. welcome to the blog

      please read the article again, all iron items acquire a magnetic field which causes disturbances, but also iron can be used to correct (counteract) these influences like we do on ships by inserting iron bars beneath the magnetic compass to correct the disturbance created by the ships hull (body) which is made of steel

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