06 January, 2017

The Trinity and why are bhang ganja hemp cannabis leaves offered to Shiv

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Introduction to the Trinity

From the study of the various world-Scriptures

1) One eternal, infinite, incognisable real Existence.

2) From that the manifested God, unfolding from unity to duality to trinity.

3) From the manifested Trinity many spiritual Intelligences, guiding cosmic order.

4) Man a reflection of the manifested God and therefore a trinity fundamentally, his inner and real Self being eternal, one with the Self of the universe.

5) His evolution by repeated incarnations, into which he is drawn by desire, and from which he is set free by knowledge and sacrifice, becoming divine in potency as he had ever been divine in latency.

In other words:  The Tāo produced one; One produced Two; Two produced Three

…. From the Trinity come many Gods, connected with the administration of the universe……….

The above points taken from the book-- The ancient wisdom by Annie Besant

Tridev stands for Trinity

The Tridev are Brahma Vishnu and Mahesh, now the word Mahesh is replaced with Shiv

The iconographic allegory as follows:

Brahma the creator, Vishnu the preserver or indwelling life and Shiv the destroyer and transformer respectively

They are cosmic energies / principles and it is not possible for us to comprehend them hence they are represented as having human forms

Since Shiv is a direct creation of the formless God, he too is formless and worshiped as a symbol the Shivling while Shankar is the deity


The left image is of Shankar the deity and on the right is the symbol of the formless God Shiv, the Shivling

Tridev the three Deities also represent the three gunas or attributes of the universe namely sattva, rajas and tamas where Vishnu represents sattva guna, Brahma represents rajas and Shiv tamas

After being in a deep meditative state one gains the ability to create that is to bring something into existence, as per the mythical tale Vishnu was in a deep state of mediation out of his navel came out Brahma who assumed the duty of creation, whether it is creating the Cosmos or creating a business empire it is not possible without the rajas guna to be predominant hence Brahma represents the rajas guna the attribute or quality of activity, of desire for procreation, that desire owing to which the universe and everything in it is called into being

Vishnu represents the Sattva guna the property of preservation he protects those who follow the righteous path and always guides all on this path

While Shiva because of his role as the destroyer represents the tamo guna which is the attribute of decay 

Brahma is not worshiped; maybe because it is more suitable to place a feminine energy as the creator rather than a male energy hence the worship of Shakti, the Divine Mother has superseded or replaced Brahma as the creator

Moreover Shakti, the Divine Mother should be worshiped along with the God one worships as without her worship the path is incomplete

Pancha mahabhuta the five elements and the Tridev

It is mentioned in the Vedas that the supreme spirit willed that there may be creation he brought creation into existence with the word OM, from OM came the five elements first came space then air , fire , water and earth

Nothing can exists without space so space is created first which is filled with air, fire cannot come into existence without air, from fire water is born (water vapour) and from water earth is produced

Shiv is fire, Vishnu is water and Brahma is earth

This was also the order in which the Tridev were created

Trimurti त्रिमूर्तिः

Murti means idol and Trimurti is the idol which depicts divinity as a three faced figure of the Tridev this conveys that the three gods of the trinity are in reality one and the same God only having different functions in short the three Gods are explained as three of his supreme forms

This is the famous image of the Trimurti at the ancient Elephanta caves off Bombay however in this particular image (as per the official website) here Shiva is depicted as manifesting all three aspects of the Godhead.

It is very clear that one can worship any form of the Tridev initially till the stage when he has to go beyond that to realise the one absolute God rising above the three gunas

Is a pity that there is a conflict among Vaishnavas and Shaivites regarding the supremacy of Vishnu and Shiv (Vaishnavism is a tradition which considers Vishnu as the Supreme Lord and its followers are called Vaishnavas, while Shaivism considers Shiva as the Supreme Being and its followers are called Shaivites). The conflict has previously reached such proportions that people were killed

At the famous Chidambaram temple where Shiv is worshiped as Ether, when the idol of Vishnu was  reinstalled as many as 20 priest including the chief priest committed suicide by jumping from the south entrance tower of the temple

Why are bhang / ganja / hemp leaves offered on the Shivling

This is one of the most idiotic absurd stupid and ridiculous image I have ever seen

Shiv is also the God for of all sorts of character’s and creatures which include ghosts, devils, demons, goblins, evil spirits etc.

Shiv is kind, non-judgemental, ever accepting, merciful, he is naive hence called Bhole; whom everyone rejects he readily accepts them

By virtue of his tamo guna he can keep all sorts of creatures under control, when I stayed overnight in the Kalpeshwar Mahadev temple I was discussing this with a sadhu and he said that Shiv is the biggest gunda (I do not have the correct English word for the same but may roughly mean an outlaw, rebel or untamed) and hence he can keep all gundas under his control, Vishnu cannot do this he can kill them but only a gunda is required to keep all gundas under control which Shiv can do easily because of his tamo guna. Shiv accepts them as necessary in a universe which runs on duality; also he is ever ready to guide them towards the path of self-realization because every soul that is born one day completes his journey and attains liberation and the final merging with the Almighty

During Samudra Manthan (churning of the ocean in Hindu mythology) a poison was released, the Gods and demons present there were terrified. The Gods had attended immortality by drinking amrit the divine nectar yet they did not dare to go near the poison which was so powerful that it could destroy all of creation. Shiv because of his tamo guna was able to consume all the poison (the snakes also came to help Shiv and they too drank the poison with him because they too have the ability to handle poison)

This is what everyone needs to know about Shiv and his tamo guna

So to convey the teachings and educate others a custom was formed to offer things to the destroyer (Shiv on the Shivling) which cannot be consumed by people.

So when when bhang (hemp) leaves are offered to Shiv on the Shivling they are to convey a message that we humans cannot consume this since you are the destroyer with tamo guna you have the ability to consume it

bhang ganja hemp cannabis leaves offered to Shiv on the Shivling

Similarly milk is offered to the shivling in the month of shravan (late July to august) the grass is new and when the cows graze they consume the soil too (since the grass is too short & easily comes off from the roots also since the soil is loose during rains). The milk thus contains more minerals than what the human body can digest and therefore during the month of Shravan one should not drink more milk, so what we should not consume give it to Shiv

In contrast Vishnu is the protector and is always offered good nutritive food like tulsi (holy basil), chappan bhog sweets (56 types of rich nutritive sweets), panchamrit, and his idol is smeared with chandan (sandalwood paste) and various aromatic oils. This is educate the people that he Vishnu is the protector and all of these should be offered to him and consumed or used for common good 

Nutritious-delicacies offered to Vishnu 

So in short eat whatever is offered to Vishnu and avoid what is offered to Shiv that was the teachings given to the masses in form of rituals

Of course elaborate rituals are carried out in ancient temples where the head called Shankaracharya or the chief priest makes offerings of various foods and other items on the Shivling and /or Shree Yantra to make offerings and to establish connections to higher realms, below are videos of the Shankaracharya of Sringeri math performing such ceremonies, the crystal Shivling you see in the video was presented by Adi shankaracharya 2500 years ago also the Sringeri math is in possession of one of the oldest metal shree yantra, I want to visit this place and other south Indian temples which house various ancient Shree yantras  

What differentiates us humans from animals is that we have Buddhi (intellect) we have the power to discriminate between right and wrong.

“Intoxicants destroy the intellect.”

I repeat again

What differentiates us humans from animals is that we have Buddhi (intellect) we have the power to discriminate between right and wrong.

“Intoxicants destroy the intellect.”

We can achieve higher consciousness and experience bliss that is perfect happiness; great joy, there is no end to it we can achieve Buddhahood and more and remain in that state for ever and ever (because as we change our thinking / habits for good our DNA keeps reprograming itself for better and better) but what is achieved by consuming intoxicants is just temporary and results in a hangover and ill health   

Marijuana / bhang may be having some medical benefits, even poisons are used for treatment, but taking a medicine is different than forming a habit of staying high

On the social media we often come across post like a child saying I want to live in a world where I am free to grow my own marijuana / bhang. He just wants to be like a zombie; may be the people who control us and rule over us want the same so that they can keeps us under control with no one to question their misdeeds, and that is why they make drugs illegal so that they being in power can freely run a drug cartel that is the reason the war on drugs has always failed

A small child is always happy without any reason, he lives in happiness and joy that his is true nature; our aim is to return to the origin and be like that small child, our own true self

Look at the child’s bright sparkling eyes and the dull lifeless eyes of a person who consumes substances just for a temporary euphoria

We should all have a look at your childhood photos and try to go back to our original true self

Below images of children who are always happy we can be like them

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