18 January, 2017

Touch and spiritual connections

When the Pope first met the Shankaracharya in India they shook hands and with that a spiritual connection was established between the western and eastern hemispheres and Hinduism (Sanātan Dharma, a Vedic way of life) spread in the western world.

Shaking hands is not just a physical action there is a tremendous transfer of energy

With a touch a spiritual connection is established

A handshake may be beneficial or may not be depending on the person you shake hands with

The DNA are easily transferred with a touch and they are named “touch DNA”, in 2015 research was done on this subject and proved that even an innocent persons DNA can be found on the crime scene if that person has shook hands with a criminal; DNA are so easily passed on with a touch

Also the negative energy of one person can be easily transferred to the other person by a handshake

Namaste--the gesture of greeting by folding the hands and bowing slightly found on the Indian subcontinent is not only more respectful but also creates a positive energy since bringing the hands together is a powerful mudra also any negative vibration emitting from the other person is stopped at the same time we open up ourselves to receive a higher level of consciousness, that is the reason we join our hands in front of a deity or a saint (it would be much beneficial to close the eyes when performing Namaste in front of a deity or a spiritually elevated person)

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As I mentioned earlier “with a touch a spiritual connection is established”, so always touch some artifact or just the wall or floor when you visit some ancient place or a place of higher vibrations, in this way we connect ourselves spiritually with that place

Touching a tree or a bolder is also beneficial

A spiritually elevated person may heal or uplift spiritually a person just by touching him

Energy is also transferred by looking at a person that is the reason we must control our sight and not keep on looking here and there thereby wasting our energy (you know what I mean)

While on the topic of sight it is spiritually beneficial to keep our eyeballs slightly upwards or straight, most of the people keep their eyeballs downwards, if you observe people walking on the street most will have their eyeballs facing downwards only a very few people look straight ahead this is a very good spiritual practice as it increases ones field of consciousness

It is all an energy game; most people thrive on energy from others, that is the reason why people do not like to get ignored some get angry  when a person does not look at them simply because they do not receive that energy from the person

Beware of the people who always touch you or come very close to your body, when a person comes very close to another person the other’s thinking process is affected (disorganized) and one can easily destabilize you and your decision taking ability

If there is energy transfer by simply touching or looking imagine the energy transfer during sex. A sexual union is not only something operative on the physical plane, but also on the psychic (astral) plane and during the process one partner who has a lower spiritual level stands to gain and the other with a higher spiritual level loses; So one must be very careful in choosing a partner

After many years of marriage both the husband and wife attend the same spiritual level and there spiritual bonds becomes so strong that they surpass the spiritual connections between parents and children

The priest of the ancient temples carried out the daily rituals others had the role to memorise the Vedas while some were assigned the task to conduct the Vedic fire ceremony’s  they were called Brahmins because of the role they had and to maintain sanctity they were the only ones allowed to touch the sacred objects in the temples hence they had to stay as pure as possible physically, mentally and spiritually (of course if one is spiritually elevated the other two naturally follow) that is the reason no one was allowed to touch them, even today in ancient temples like Badrinath, if the priest has to enter the temple Garbha gruha (sanctum sanctorum) he has to take a bath, if he has to enter 5 times a day he takes a bath all the 5 times and is escorted to the temple as no one can touch him, if any one touches him by mistake he turns back to take a bath again, but it is very unfortunate that even though the Vedas never acknowledged caste discrimination by birth the Brahmins proclaimed themselves to be superior to all and have ended up becoming the biggest racist if you study their history you will not believe that one human can be so cruel to his fellow human being.

I end this article; please enjoy the chant of the Maha Mantra (Great Mantra)

At the Sivananda Ashram (Divine Life Society) in Rishikesh from 1943 onwards a 24 hours a day, seven days a week chanting of the ‘mahamantra' began in the bhajan hall, and this chanting has continued unbroken till date for World Peace

Bhajan hall at the Sivananda Ashram

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