06 February, 2017

A Pilgrimage called Life---part 1


As important as the answer is the question which at last arises in the human mind

“Who am I?”

“What is the purpose of my existence?”

The first awakening is certainly that life is just not about spending the best years of your childhood and youth in taking formal education to prepare you to earn money or to get married and have children and enjoy worldly pleasures; there is a much deeper meaning to life.

If only one thinks of who designed our complex body systems or the Universe has taken the first step towards metaphysical thinking which ultimately makes his life worthwhile

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Having evolved upward from levels lower than even apparent animation; lower life forms like worms do not have a developed penal gland (the seat of the soul) hence they do not have a forehead as the animal evolves a bigger and bigger forehead develops; compare a worm with a highly evolved animal like a cow or elephant see how big the forehead of an evolved animal is

You will never find a great person or a person who has achieved much in life with a small forehead we humans have come up to the highest stage yet how do we view our lives, how do we lead our lives, what are our goals? And what do we teach our next generation?

The way we look at life determines what experiences we gain

If for a person life is all about making money and enjoying he is going to get such experiences only and will be constantly entangled in a world of comparison and competition which naturally results in pride, envy, anger, sloth, avarice (extreme greed for wealth or material gain), gluttony (habitual greed or excess in eating), and lust which are all inclinations to sin, rather than the sin itself     

When will you realize the more you take, the less you have

I am not saying that the pilgrimage called life is about leading a pious prim proper life, those families who lead such a life seldom gain anything spiritually, there life’s graph is just one straight horizontal line they are in a world full of delusion, they are happy to follow all dogmas and norms of society as they consider themselves superior to all others

This pilgrimage is all about collecting direct experiences, collecting bad experiences as well and coming out of them with tremendous awakening

Bad experiences are our best teachers it would be very good if we could learn from the bad experiences of others but most of the time this does not happen

Life is about understanding that love is more profound than lust

This pilgrimage is all about falling down and rising up to walk the path of light and enlightenment through self-reflection and self-realization

A person who thinks he is fallen is in fact enlightened since he has realized himself and the soul who has walked to his Samadhi (who has little to do with the world and who is nearer to the union with God) has experienced the pits of life as well

As base metals are transmuted to Gold; that is the Alchemy of metals

As dirt is transformed into a fruit; that is the Alchemy of a tree

And so the transformation of an ordinary human into a being of Immortal Splendour; is the Alchemy of the soul

A person cannot fall down beyond a certain limit just as the lowest temperature that can be achieved is −273.15° C or −459.67° F called the absolute zero, no temperature below this can be reached whereas the highest temperature called absolute hot is 100 million million million million million degrees (it is very interesting that Scientists have created the hottest temperature ever seen on earth - an astonishing four trillion degrees Celsius at New York's Brookhaven National Laboratory)

Similarly souls cannot stoop down below a limit but they can rise up and up to the level of a Buddha and much more

Misguided heads of states can bomb and destroy entire cities they can kill hundreds of thousands of people such atrocities are soon forgotten as life goes on, but the one who carried his own cross is remembered by millions and will always remain in the hearts of people, as I have written in one of my blogs

“Today if you type “harry” in Google search you will be prompted to harry porter and not to harry Truman—the president who used nuclear weapons against civilian populations—Historic crime against humanity---the 2,00,000 most cruel deaths.

The world has long forgotten Harry Truman or the cruel Changez khan. But the world still bows in reverence in front of the one who carried his own cross.

He did it out of love and he taught the world the meaning of sacrifice.”

Those who do not realize the meaning of life are lost as they chase money, power and worldly pleasures; they are born again and again sometimes they transmigrate into lower animal forms and restart the process of spiritual evolution but certainly every soul that is born one day completes his journey and attains liberation and the final merging with the Almighty

The limitations on spiritual progress on Earth

We need to understand this very clearly that; we don’t have a soul; we are the soul who has a body and currently we are on the realm of Earth where there is a limit to our spiritual progress, depending on our spiritual progress and our karma we may not have the need to be reborn on Earth again but to achieve the final merging with the Almighty is only possible in the higher realms of the spirit world and not on Earth, Great masters have explained about some of the higher realms but have clearly stated that it is impossible even to comprehend (grasp mentally; understand) the topmost realms while we are on Earth

Even those powerful psychic mediums have never every achieved any communications with higher realms, I would not write about such mediums any more but clearly tell this that a psychic medium who has opened his doors to an another dimension has to face the destiny of a violent death

Coming back to the Earth realm; it was never the destiny of the Earth that all souls gain enlightenment together and there was never a time when only enlightened souls walked on Earth

I repeat: it was never the destiny of the Earth that all souls gain enlightenment together and there was never a time when only enlightened souls walked on Earth 

This Earth is called Karma Bhumi a place to do good and bad karmas, and duality will always exist here; initially our pilgrimage starts with the prayer to be guided from darkness to light but the one who comes out of all dualities to realize that without darkness light has no meaning such a person may not be reborn on Earth but continues his journey in higher dimensions

I conclude part 1 of this series by saying as we try to understand the purpose of life, we are all pilgrims on this pilgrimage called life, my story is the same as your story and this is the story of the entire humankind, a story of having experienced more pain and sorrow than love

Anant Yatra Amar Rahe

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