02 February, 2014

Vedas-----The language of the Birds

The Vedas are the most ancient text

Beginning of the Vedas are related to the performance of yagya’s {fire ceremonies / mantras}

They were transmitted from generation to generation by oral tradition alone, never written down

Then comes the knowledge part which is in the form of Vedanta mainly the Upanishads they were written and continuously updated

The words for the performance of yagya’s were never written for the simple reason that the language of the Vedas is the "language of the birds" hence cannot be written in either Sanskrit, or roman or English

There is often mention, in different traditions, of a mysterious language called the "language of the birds" "green language" "angelic language" “Divine language”. The expression is clearly a symbolic one---a language to communicate with higher realms

The repetition of these magic words or formulae is intended to bring about the harmonization of the different elements and to cause vibrations which are capable of opening up a communication with the higher states. This is the essential and primordial purpose of all rites.

In 1975 Frits Staal led a consortium of scholars and financed an Athirathram {Vedic Yagya} in Kerala and documented the twelve-day performance which had not been conducted since 1956 due to financial constraints.

Analysing the sounds, they came to the conclusion that mantras were language independent and they controversially concluded that this was indeed the “language of the birds".

Lastly some people say that the time when Vedas were composed the size of the human brain was much smaller compared to the current human brain size.

To them I have this to tell:

The Vedas were not composed in the Human brain they have been directly revealed, and thus are called śruti--- "what is heard"

It is like this if someone has a small TV and his neighbour has a big TV; it is that the small TV will only display a limited number of channels and the large TV many more channels----the answer is a simple “No”.

Because Channels do not come from the TV, they come from somewhere else the TV only catches the channels.

Look at a bird with a tiny brain; who has taught the bird to build a nest, certainly not the thinking of the bird with its brain but the one who revealed the magic words of the Vedas has guided the bird to build a nest and is certainly not related to the size of the brain.


  1. so informative...it would be nice to know more

    1. thank you very much, most welcome

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  2. I hear the language of the Birds so profoundly & it is truly a beautiful thing <3

  3. please explain more ..language of birds ..can birds understand sound of mantras.i mean if they get impacted by it