23 July, 2017

Death—part 1

Death—part 1

This is the first part of the series on death; together the series covers the following topics:

There is nothing like death / only fools desire to be immortal / there are various spiritual planes / ashes to ashes, dust to dust---it is not as simple as that /The state of mind at the time of death is very important / extreme quiet and self-control should be observed in the chamber of death / why cremation is preferable to burial, as a way of disposing of corpses / about tombs / and in spite of the warning by adepts, tombs were opened, releasing forces upon the world which have endangered it /controversy regarding prophet Muhammad’s tomb / Zoroastrian burial rituals and importance of the dog in the funeral rites and the psychic power of animals  / All you wanted to know about the Manikarnika cremation Ghat at Varanasi 


There is only life; death does not exist

What we call as death is the phase when life changes from one plane to another

Death is nothing but a birth for a new life

Believe in life not death, for life is unbreakable, we either live on Earth or any other higher realm

We are embodied on this physical plane after that we become disembodied, that is without a physical body

On immortality

Only fools desire to be immortal

The ultimate goal of all souls is to merge with that infinite

There is a limitation of spiritual progress on Earth

In the Nasadiya Sukta which is the Hymn of Creation of the Rigveda; it is clearly stated the even the Gods do not have the knowledge of the one eternal God, the absolute creator for they came into existence after the creation

So to make spiritual progress that is to go closer and closer to the creator one must move upwards to higher and higher realms

Great masters have explained about some of the higher realms but have clearly stated that it is impossible even to comprehend (grasp mentally; understand) the topmost realms while we are on Earth
The two highest planes existed even before our solar system was created

In the case of death on Earth we go to a higher state of consciousness and ultimately back to eternity

So one must not be attached to this world and strive to progress further on; and hence accept and welcome death when it arrives

The soul when on Earth is trapped in the physical body and the five coverings called the pancha kosha---the five layers, or sheaths, around the human soul. The term comes from the Sanskrit pancha, meaning “five,” and kosha meaning “sheath” and also the soul is also under the strong influence of maya

Please click to read the article on maya

A few can free themselves and experience bliss and higher consciousness when they are on Earth by overcoming their passions; after death the soul has a greater chance to elevate

 One teacher has so nicely explained this I quote 

“The once free immortal Intelligence thus entangled, enswathed, enchained, works heavily and laboriously through the coatings that enwrap it. In its own nature it remains ever the free Bird of Heaven, but its wings are bound to its side by the matter into which it is plunged. When man recognises his own inherent nature, he learns to open his prison doors occasionally and escapes from his encircling gaol; first he learns to identify himself with the Immortal Triad, and rises above the body and its passions into a pure mental and moral life; then he learns that the conquered body cannot hold him prisoner, and he unlocks its door and steps out into the sunshine of his true life. So when Death unlocks the door for him, he knows the country into which he emerges, having trodden its ways at his own will. And at last he grows to recognise that fact of supreme importance, that "Life" has nothing to do with body and with this material plane;

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust---it is not as simple as that

Materials to make the human body are drawn from the mineral, vegetable, animal, and human kingdoms

There is no such thing as “dead” matter; all matter is living, the tiniest particles are lives, there is spirit associated with matter

Further there are seven planes (These are the seven great regions of the universe); we are on the physical plane, the next plane is the astral plane

Also on a plane there are various subdivisions, that means matter on the physical plane is subdivided into seven sub divisions

Materials are drawn from the various planes to compose the five coverings called the pancha kosha

Also materials are drawn from the various subdivisions, of the physical plain to compose the physical body

The higher the plane or sub division finer is the texture lower the plane or sub division the texture is coarse

Hence a  man’s body is fine or coarse in its texture according to the materials its draws as per the law of balance; hence the body of a criminal or a butcher will be more coarse than the body of a  refined person, a small child has materials drawn from higher subdivisions and is soft and fine

A pure body repels coarse particles because they vibrate at rates discordant with its own; a coarse body attracts them because their vibrations accord with its own. Hence if the body changes its rates of vibration, it gradually drives out of it the constituents that cannot fall into the new rhythm, and fills up their places by drawing in from external nature fresh constituents that are harmonious. Nature provides materials vibrating in all possible ways, and each body exercises its own selective action; as per the law of balance operating in the Universe and this vibration is as per our quality of DNA

There are the spiritual part of the DNA which are manufactured in some part of the Universe and are sent to Earth

Please click to read the article, in which I have written that NASA has proved that our DNA has come from outer space

And after death, the body is disintegrated and the components which make up the body are returned back to the five elements, to rebuild bodies of all kinds in the mineral, vegetable, animal, and human kingdoms; but as per the law of balance, that means the components from the body of a spiritually elevated person get transformed into a precious ore, plant of high aura or they get attracted towards building the body of a person of a high spiritual level

So we must strive to become a person whom the earth eagerly welcomes receiving his body components after deaths; then we have lived our life well—and have indeed walked the pilgrimage called life

Science has still not proved the existence of subdivisions of matter but masters who due to their through and their mystic insight carried out clairvoyant observations of elements have described the seven subdivisions of matter; they had in earlier times also described the structure of the atom and what they described was later proved by atomic physics after the invention of powerful microscopes

The state of mind at the time of death is very important; teachers have explained this, I quote “A suicide will repeat automatically the feelings of despair and fear which preceded his self-murder, and go through the act and the death-struggle time after time with ghastly persistence. A woman who perished in the flames in a wild condition of terror and with frantic efforts to escape, created such a whirls of passions that, five days afterwards, she was still struggling desperately, fancying herself still in the fire and wildly repulsing all efforts to soothe her: while another woman who, with her baby on her breast, went down beneath the whirl of waters in a raging storm, with her heart calm and full of love, slept peacefully on the other side of death, dreaming of husband and children in happy lifelike visions.” this is what we call Rest In Peace

At the time of death a person experiences a Life review that is the whole life passes swiftly in review before the person as he sees every detail of the life just lived, hence extreme quiet and self-control should be observed in the chamber of death.

According to the deeds of the person, he may even transmigrate to be an animal in the next birth

Some hours after death – generally not more than thirty-six, it is said – the man draws himself out of the etheric (astral) body, leaving it in turn as a senseless corpse, and the latter, remaining near its dense counterpart, shares its fate. If the dense body be buried, the etheric double floats over the grave, slowly disintegrating, and the unpleasant feelings many experience in a churchyard are largely due to the presence of these decaying etheric corpses. If the body is burned, the etheric double breaks up quickly, having lost its nidus (a place in which something is formed or deposited; a site of origin), its physical centre of attraction, and this is one among many reasons why cremation is preferable to burial, as a way of disposing of corpses.
Many famous people who had studied the Vedas opted for cremation

During cremation it is important that the skull burst, explodes, otherwise the ritual of piercing / breaking the burning skull with a stave (bamboo) has to be carried called the kapal kriya

Please click on the link to read the meaning of why Shiv lives in the cremation grounds

The planes that I mentioned earlier are concentric interpenetrating spheres, not separated from each other by distance but by difference of constitution.

The astral world is above us, below us, on every side of us, through us; we live and move in it, but it is intangible, invisible, inaudible, imperceptible, because the prison of the physical body shuts us away from it, the physical particles being too gross to be set in vibration by astral matter because as mentioned earlier as the level of plane rises the materials become more fine in texture and hence the spirit-matter of the astral plane is more highly vitalised and finer than any grade of spirit-matter in the physical world

This is what is explained in the books written long ago, but I having experienced voices from that other dimension (plane) am a witness to what is written above

Instead of this

If only, death was portrayed like this, people would understand death better

And finally a man should live so as to be ever ready for death and I suggest you die daily and experience a rebirth by improving yourself continuously

This article will be continued in part-2


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