27 March, 2016

Idols worshiped at Uttarakhand’s Chardham and Chardham during winters

The idols worshiped at uttarakhand Chardham’s

Uttarakhand winter chardham yatra

Winter abode for Uttarakhand chardham idols

People / Swamis / yogis who stay over in Uttarakhand chardham during winters

The spiritual supermarket based on Mahavatar babaji’s name in Badrinath

Have written this article after a long time, after returning from my last Himalaya trip I spent time in researching and drawing the Shree yantra

The chardham circuit in the Himalaya is open for six months from May to November and closed during winters

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For commercial reasons the government of Uttarakahand is promoting the winter Chardham yatra

There is a lot of misconception regarding this, people think that the main idols of temples are shifted to their winter abode, but this is not so.

There is also a lot of misconception regarding the People / Swamis / yogis who stay over in the chardham’s during winters when the respective chardham towns are abandoned, they are considered to be special and highly elevated spiritually again this is not so

This article is based on my own personal experiences and the first-hand information that I have collected as I travelled to these places and stayed there for a long period of time

I have written four articles on each of the Uttarakhand Chardham, all your questions will be answered.

Please click on the names of the dhams or the links below to read the respective article

Feel free to ask me any further questions and I recommend staying over for a few days in each dham. I always travel after monsoons when there is no rush and rates are less  

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