02 April, 2017

A Pilgrimage called Life---part 3

Collective Consciousness

In 1952 scientists were studying monkeys on the Japanese island of Koshima, These scientists observed that some of these monkeys learned to wash sweet potatoes which were covered with sand, and gradually this new behaviour spread through the younger generation of monkeys and once a critical number of monkeys was reached, i.e., the hundredth monkey, this previously learned behaviour instantly spread across the water to monkeys on nearby islands. This hypothesis is named the 100th Monkey phenomenon and it proves that we are all connected in one single consciousness

One eternal God

Pikas are small mammals, they prepare for winter by collecting grasses and wildflowers, they lay them out to dry in the sun before storing them, the hay piles can rot so they choose some plants that inhibit bacterial growth and act as a hay-pile preservative, pikas preferentially hay alpine avens, a species toxic to pikas! In an apparent win-win situation, the animals harvest the plants to preserve their hay piles. They then consume the avens later, after the toxic chemicals degrade. Who has taught the small animal all this; the Christian God, Hindu God or the Muslim God……

Mushrooms take a more active role in spreading their seed: They "make wind" to carry their spores about, here is how they do it---Mushrooms often live on the forest floor, under logs or in very tight quarters where wind wouldn't be expected to reach hence they create air flow by allowing their moisture to evaporate, this evaporation allows them to cool off, as the phase change from liquid water to vapour uses up heat energy. Cold air is denser than warm air, and has a tendency to flow and spread out. The evaporation also creates water vapour, which is less dense than air. The two forces help carry spores out of the mushroom, and give them a little lift. The lift can carry spores up to 4 inches horizontally and vertically. This ability to "create wind" helps give spores a better chance at finding a new, moist location to land and begin growing. There is wisdom all around; who is the source of this wisdom whereby all plants, animals are so wise; is it the Christian God, Hindu God or the Muslim God……

And the coconut water so nicely packaged in the coconut, grown by the salty sea; is it not a wonder of nature. For whom nature provided this miracle---the Christian, Hindu, Muslim or Buddhist

Process of evolution whereby all forms move upwards towards intelligent life forms; whose god designed this system and what was the religion of that god before people started a new religion in his name

Nothing existed before creation, there were no dualities. He alone existed in the form of nothing, he willed and brought creation into existence; first by splitting himself into two principles; the male and the female and the two gave rise to three--- the Trinity and so on…

In the Nasadiya Sukta which is the Hymn of Creation of the Rigveda; it is clearly stated the even the Gods do not have the knowledge of the one eternal God, the absolute creator for they came into existence after the creation


Initially there were only two panths (पंथ); Panth has different meanings like cult, denomination, path, religion, road, sect creed

They were the Deva (देव) and Asuras (असुर) who compete for power with the more benevolent devas

Later on as the population increased and different types of races occupied different parts of the Earth there was a need for different religions since all were not in the same process of evolution

Religions are a link between Divine Wisdom and human ignorance; they connect humans to higher dimensions, and seek to evolve the moral and intellectual natures of humans and aid the spiritual nature to unfold itself and hence they quicken human spiritual evolution  

It is not possible to have a single religion and further religious teachings cannot be the same for all

I quote Dr Annie Besant---“What is the object of religions? They are given to the world by men wiser than the masses of the people on whom they are bestowed, and are intended to quicken human evolution. In order to do this effectively they must reach individuals and influence them. Now all men are not at the same level of evolution, but evolution might be figured as a rising gradient, with men stationed on it at every point. The most highly evolved are far above the least evolved, both in intelligence and character; the capacity alike to understand and to act varies at every stage. It is, therefore, useless to give to all the same religious teaching; that which would help the intellectual man would be entirely unintelligible to the stupid, while that which would throw the saint into ecstasy would leave the criminal untouched. If, on the other hand, the teaching be suitable to help the unintelligent, it is intolerably crude and jejune to the philosopher, while that which redeems the criminal is utterly useless to the saint. Yet all the types need religion, so that each may reach upward to a life higher than that which he is leading, and no type or grade should be sacrificed to any other. Religion must be as graduated as evolution, else it fails in its object.

Religion has two levels

First level---Exoteric--- intended for or likely to be understood by the general public
Here people follow certain rituals whereby they connect to higher realms, they can carry of ceremonies to nourish their ancestors and they can learn to lead a righteous, moral life in accordance to the laws of nature

Higher level---Esoteric--- intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialized knowledge or interest

This teachings are for those who have understood a deeper meaning to life, that life is not all about building a happy family, earning, spending, saving, enjoyment and social service

Every religion has an exoteric side that is its greater side what we call the occult (Gnosis-- that means knowledge of spiritual mysteries.) and such teachings are certainly not freely available but can only be given by a teacher to the pupil or sometimes may even be received through intuition

One must clearly understand this that the higher teachings of religion are for everyone irrespective of the path they follow; one may find students from all religions and nationalities studying higher teachings in a Buddhist monastery in Tibet, or under a Swami in the hidden caves in the Himalaya. The higher teachings are Universal, they were the same for all religions, and they belong equally to all sincere aspirants, exclusively to none

People differentiate between the spiritual path and the religious path, they say things likeReligion is belief in someone else’s experience, spirituality is having own experience” actually they are not different; what leads you to higher dimensions can be called in different names Religion, spiritual path etc.

Why more and more people stop following religion is because of the self-appointed custodians of Religion who because of their selfish motives have corrupted todays religions just like the shameless politicians have corrupted politics or the so called noble professions like medical, education have been converted to money minting industries

The Vedas never acknowledged caste system by birth, this is clear from a hymn in the Rig Veda 9.112.3---“I am a bard, my father is a physician, my mother's job is to grind the corn.”

Certain people because of their aptitude, qualities were assigned higher religious post, they were called the Brahmins (Priest class), however as the time passed they considered themselves superior to all and became the biggest racist if you study their history you will not believe that someone can be so cruel to his fellow human being.

They started passing the knowledge they had only to their decedents irrespective if they were worthy or not and hence they brought a caste based system defined by birth rather than deeds

Their greed had no end; they made rules to appropriate wealth and those who were once the custodians of the Vedas and truth became the custodians of the ill-gotten wealth

They hid the truth and made their own dogmas and hence they reserved the study of the Vedas only for Brahmins, so that the wrong they preached for their own benefit would not be known to others

They who were giants in knowledge also became giants in evil

Giants in knowledge becoming giants in evil; this is what happened on Atlantis also

You may like to read the article (please click on the link)

What does the story of Shiv avatar Tripurantaka Convey ?

They kept on exploiting people as a result sects formed who revolted against the Vedas example the Jains; whereas they should have actually revolted against the Brahmin lobby

The contradictions to the teachings exist because they were misinterpreted over a period of time example, it requires a key to read the Book of Genesis which was unfortunately lost, and hence people believe that all of creation came into existence in just six days

Also religious teachings are highly allegorical (having hidden meaning) hence people misunderstand them, example Shiv’s wife also known as Kali is the allegory of Earth, people believe that the goddess is fond of human and animal sacrifice, this is a false interpretation, she being Earth is fond (affection) of organic decomposition which fertilizes, nourishes her and calls for news forces from the ashes of the dead. The shivaites when burning the dead chant the name of Shiv but while scattering the ashes evoke his wife Bhavani or kali in order that the goddess may develop, transform the ashes to a new life; so you see the priest have connected her to sacrifice so that they can make money by carrying out the sacrificial ceremonies

Vedas specify sacrifice to gods that is to say the elements

Gods don’t kill people; People who have a god kill people

More people have been killed in the name of Religion then in the wars fought over political boundaries and wealth

And by reading the above sentence if Islam comes to your mind you need to study the history of the “Church”, for they hold the record for maximum killings; their crusades (Bible in one hand, sword in another hand), their burning of women after declaring them as witches

Those Christian American presidents who order atomic bombs to be dropped while other Presidents even those elected from the “Bible belt” unleash terror in the world---will the Muslims ever be able to match the record of killings done by the Christians---no way

Once the Christians danced to the song Rasputin (Boney M) and said “oh those Russians”, today I feel like saying “oh those Christians”

I have written the above paragraph so that people realize the truth before pointing figures at others, I will share my experience---once I was walking by the church and thinking that the Christians proclaim only their God to be the true God and they do not even realize that they have killed maximum number of people on this planet; then I saw a lady who came out of the church, she had a rosary in one hand, a stray dog came near her, she put a hand on his head as if blessing him, the dog closed his eyed and the cross in the rosary was touching his forehead; such a strong vibration of love emerged from the dog and the simple lady who does not think of all the killings done in the name of religion but has the vibration of love inside her, and I told myself---it does not matter what the church did or what the pope ordered to do or the what the misguided Christian did; so long as there is love in the heart of the person going to the church the story of the one who carried his own cross for the love of mankind will live forever and ever

Women and religion

It is true that the custodians of religions have always discriminated against women but show me one authentic Vedic fire for the fire ceremony which was lit on this planet without the presence of a woman (as per the Vedas it is compulsory for the husband and wife combine to conduct the Yagna, the fire ceremony), it is written in the Rig Veda “Where women are worshiped, there the gods dwell”, the teachings of the soundarya lahari are one of the highest and in the first verse itself it is written that “When   Siva   is   enjoined   with   Sakti (feminine energy),   he   is   complete and empowered   to   create. If   the   lord   is not   thus,   he   is   indeed   unable   to   even   move.”   finally the Mahabharata conveys all the teachings in story form---the story of Draupadi daughter of King Drupada was born out of fire (it is symbolic since female energy is water and water is born out of fire), the king was not interested in her and only wanted a son; then the wise men present there told him---never have you got anything as precious as this and never will you get anything as precious as a gift of a daughter, so accept her with all joy and gratitude for she will change the course of the Aryan history….

Image of Shiv and Shakti as one

The battles in Ramayana and Mahabharata were not fought over a woman they were fought because the woman was not respected   

It is the tendency of men to complicate things; similarly they have complicated religion

How many Christians practice the Ten Commandments?  

Zoroastrianism is such a great religion but is so unfortunate that the Zoroastrians being so conservative and racist they nurse prejudice against people of other races, they believe that they are superior to all others today in India their religion is almost lost and if you visit places where the Parsee’s stay and if you look at their Fire temples you yourself will make out the unpleasant, frightful vibrations that they project

The name Hinduism was coined by foreigners and it was never a religion, as I have written about it in previous parts of this series it was a Vedic way of life called Sanatan dharam 

The root of all ancient languages was old Sanskrit; similarly it is but natural that all religious teachings have a common source and they are same

As per the occult studies of the Zoroastrians, religions are under the influence of one of the five planets  
1. Zarathushtra and Zoroastrianism under Jupiter
2. (a) Shri Krishna and Vedic religion (b) Gautam Buddha and Buddhism, and (c) Jain Tirthankar and Jainism, all having idolatrous cult of the White side under Mercury 
3.    Mahomed and Islam under Mars
4.    Moses and Judaism under Venus and
5.    Chirst and Christianity under Saturn.

We are living in an age where doctors destroy health, the judiciary system cannot deliver justice, universities have commercialized knowledge, press manipulate information and banks ruin the economy, the priestly class have done their role in destroying the religions, their evil doing, false hood has to be exposed and conveyed that they are the treacherous enemies of the religions

Today religious believes have divided people to such an extent that hate emerges

Harivansh Rai Bachchan father of Amitabh Bachchan in his famous book Madhushala has written this poem which says it all

Musalmaan aur Hindu hain do, ek magar unka pyala,

Ek magar unka madiralaya, ek magar unki haala

Dono rehte saath na jab tak, mandir masjid mein jaate,

Bair badhate mandir masjid mail karaati Madhushala !

The Muslim and the Hindu are two but their cup is one. One their drinking place, one their wine.
Both remain one till to Mandir Masjid they go. The mandir and the masjid bring the differences and tear them apart. But the House of Wine brings them together again.

I am always hurt when I hear comments like “we are building a college for our own community”

It is very much possible for us to unite in love irrespective of our believes; but will the powerful sitting in the gold studded cathedrals of Europe or the mosques in the desert or on the banks of the Ganga---the so called custodians of faith ever let mankind to sing one song; the song of love."

It is because of such people that people have stopped following religion they turn towards different paths which they call spiritual, Godmen and fake gurus have opened shops and set up businesses, every year a new sect comes up , new dogma a new belief and behind all that the main motive money, greed, power game

See the life styles of the sri sri’s, look at their expensive cars, the amount they spent on shows--- all this because they lack virtue and hence have to put up a show, see how they crave for publicity example someone was trying to scare away dogs and fired a few shots near sri sri ravi shankars ashram and he called a press conference that he was the target, a true yogi / Buddha will not do this; when will people realize this  

“Every child has known God,
Not the God of names,
Not the God of don’ts,
Not the God who ever does anything weird,
But the God who knows only 4 words
And keeps repeating them, saying:
“Come Dance with me, come dance.”
― Hafiz

I now end this article, the next article will be on animals, we cannot say that we are walking on the pilgrimage called life if we are unkind to animals. Is our food worth so much suffering we impart on animals? After that the next article on this series will be on sex followed by two more articles
At the end I have written about my recent trip to Kolhapur 

This is an image of the women's conference held in Saudi Arabia with not a single female present and the second image is of the recent Qassim girl’s council, without any girl present ---Bloody Idiots

(please click on photos to enlarge them)

One more idiot

When it comes to money everybody is of the same religion

My recent trip to Kolhapur

First visited Shankar math-- Shankar Maharaj Samadhi at pune satara road, then headed for Kolhapur

Kolhapur; visited the ancient temple of Mahalakshmi

A Shree yantra carved in stone is kept horizontally in the temple; I cannot express my feeling when I saw it

The idol faces west; there is a small window on the western wall, the rays of the Sun during sunset falls on the idol through this window, this period lasts for three days of the months of February and November. All lights of the temple are shut off to experience this   

First day 31 January and 9 November: Sun rays fall on the feet of Goddess

Second day 1 February and 10 November: Sun rays falls on the middle portion of Goddess

Third day 2 February and 11 November:  Sun rays falls on the entire body of Goddess

There is a upper temple, which is accessible only in the morning by a few people; a staircase to the left of Goddess Mahalakshmi’s shrine leads to this storey of the temple which houses a rectangle Shivling  known as Matulinga (Shivalinga atop the Goddess idol), Nandi ji and Ganapati

There are two additional shrines; On the left side of the main shrine is the temple of Mahasaraswati and on the right is the Mahakali

I do not understand why the main deity is called Mahalakshmi---A Shivling is carved on the crown of the Goddess, behind her idol is a lion which is the vahan (mount) of Goddess Paravati, locally she is called Ambabai which again is the name of Shivs wife, there is a Shivling in the upper temple, sunlight falling on the idol is mostly found in Shiv temples

Gagangiri maharaj math


Nath temple at jyotiba


Kopeshwar Shiv temple at khidrapur

Next I plan to go to nasik area--- Trimbakeshwar, Ajanta, ellora… after that Dwarka in Gujrat and Somnath 

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