22 June, 2013

An ancient town devastated—let it be a turning point in our lives.

Kedarnath the ancient town which houses the temple of Shiva the Mahadev--the spirit of the universe that destroys

A few days back the Mahadev manifested in Kedarnath and other places and danced the Rudra Tandava the dance of destruction and death.

Why did this happen? Why has humanity suffered so much? Why so much devastation?

We ourselves are responsible for this.

We material minded people have a complete disrespect for mother Earth.

We are all connected in one consciousness, our thought patterns materialize in our lives and environment; we have brought this destruction on ourselves.

Let us reflect on this, let this be a turning point in our lives, let us realize why we have come to this earth and what should be our aim in life, and instead what are we chasing?

Till then a Shiv shilla as old as time itself lies buried in mud in an ancient town now destroyed.

{the Kedarnath temple does not have a Shivling it has a huge rock called the Shiv shilla}

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