07 August, 2013

Do not move her she controls the stream.

June 16th 2013—Uttarakhand, the ancient idol of Dhari Devi is moved in spite of the stricture imposed by our fore fathers not to remove the idol from its designated spot what followed was a tragedy of unimaginable proportions a total devastation.

This article is about the science behind the Dhari Devi idol.

First where was the idol located-- the deity stood in the middle of the Alaknanda River in Srinagar Garhwal in uttarakhand.To visit her temple one had to go down half a kilometre towards the river that means she was situated at the low level.

Our fore fathers placed a fierce looking idol and gave us this instructions:-

{1} the idol of Dhari Devi shall not be put under roof. Keep her under open sky signifying that she is Mother Nature herself- one with the elements of nature be it sunshine or rain.

{2} she be called Dhari Devi—Dhari from dhara means stream—she is the one who controls the stream.

{3} do not anger her by moving her from this location this will result in destruction

By saying that do not move her no matter what-- they told us DO NOT LET THE WATER LEVEL RISE ABOVE THIS POINT.

They gave us a message in Environmental science.

But men destroyed nature built dams, hydroelectric projects this resulted in the water level rising and ultimately on 16th june the temple was under knee deep water and it would have been washed away; so the idol was moved to a higher location.

We will always be responsible for raising the water level by the unplanned, haphazard development and thus ignoring the warnings of the ancient men of wisdom—“Do not move her she controls the stream. ”
It is very interesting that the stone carved deity of Dhari Devi changes faces - from a girl to a woman to an old lady - as the day progresses.

Please do read the following two articles explaining the science behind religion



The original temple at the river level

The new raised structure of the temple keeping in mind the new raised water level.


  1. very true sir ....humans think that they have progressed so much that they are the boss but ultimate boss is the nature and it cant be controlled one must understand and respect the nature.....

    1. Sincerely appreciate your contribution / most welcome always